Hydrating Africa

Years of water is on a mission to hydrate Africa…one village at a time.

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The Water Elephant

A portable household device that purifies water in 8 seconds. 

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Who we Are

Years of Water was founded with one unique mission in mind; to hydrate Africa and other developing countries… one village at a time. After years of researching both the politics and realities of water distribution throughout Africa, the founders of Years of Water identified the need for a long term, durable and independent solution that would address the need for drinkable water at the household level.

While there is no shortage of reputable charities and organizations attempting to hydrate Africa, Years of Water has created a unique solution that eliminates the problem at its core. The Water Elephant is the first manually-operated, self -sufficient, maintenance-fee purification system capable of producing drinkable water within 10 seconds of deployment. The Water Elephant is portable, low cost, and self-regulating.

Our Progress


63 Million people in Nigeria do not have access to clean water. For that reason, Years of Water has begun its initial deployment in Nigeria. And we are making a difference. The Nigerian people may still be among the world’s poorest, but with each Water Elephant that we get into…


Years of Water has reached out to the INEN (Ecuador Institution of Normalization), the National Standards Body of the Republic of Ecuador for standardization, regulation and metrology, to evaluate and rate The Water Elephant as part of their readiness activities towards El Niño.…

South Africa

For people living in rural parts of South Africa, access to clean water cannot be taken for granted.  For many of the rural South Africans, they face thirst, disease and even death on a daily basis because of the lack of usable, drinkable water.  The Water Elephant, currently b…

We need your help

Let’s Stop thirst and fullfill their happiness

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What People Are Saying

“Water scarcity is among the main problems to be faced by the World in the 21st century. Almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas where they cannot access clean water. In order to make a real impact we must fix the problem at the individual household level. The only way to ensure that safe clean water is making its way to the people who need it is to address the problem in each house. “ – Ran Poliakine

“The Water Elephant is a life line. It provides a basic need for so many of the poor men, women and children here. But along with giving them access to clean, drinkable water, it gives them hope for the future and for a brighter tomorrow.” – Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Nigeria

“It’s so easy to use and now I don’t have to worry about my family getting sick from drinking unclean water. Years of Water is a blessing for us and for the entire community. We have clean water and we have our hope back.” – User