The Water Elephant

With combined experience of half a century, we have developed  the Water Elephant -  a cost effective, independent household solution which lasts long and is easy to use. It requires zero maintenance. It is portable and environmentally friendly. In a world where every drop counts, the Water Elephant is an ultimate Household Water Treatment Solution.

Key Benefits
  • No maintenance required for the lifetime of product
  • Good for 3 years of work (~30,000 liters)
  • Clean water supplied immediately – 1.5 liter per minute
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Manually operated using crank handle
  • Easy to operate – no education needed
  • Can be carried around to water source
  • No risk of re-contamination
  • No external energy source required; human-powered
  • Uses UV technology, proven to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Technology can handle water that are not 100% clear
  • Internal mechanism imposes shut down if purification not possible

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